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Commitment And Expectations

TekWorks’ commitment to satisfying its clients is only surpassed by its commitment to its employees. Special attention is paid to empowering its employees to “make a difference”. Various formal and informal training takes place not only in the TekWorks corporate office training facility, but also at various system-install locations. Given the TekWorks’ training tools to excel, TekWorks’ commitment to promoting from within serves to create opportunity for those that are inspired to “step-up to the next level”. While TekWorks expects its employees to consistently exceed client expectations, as a company, it remains committed to exceeding employee expectations.

TekWorks feels that its most valued assets are truly its human resources. With this in mind, TekWorks offers a wide range of benefits. From basics like health, dental and vision insurance, to various supplemental programs, TekWorks strives to offer a sufficient variety of benefits so a custom tailored plan can meet any employees needs. TekWorks work environment can best be described as open door and open minded. Continuous synergy and developmental sessions and programs such as safety topics, management techniques, etc. are presented to the employees to meet the challenges of our ever changing environment. Team management training teaches the fundamental systems and skills necessary to function as a member of TekWorks’ team based organization.

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The single most powerful resource that any company can utilize is its staff. TekWorks is committed to maintaining an environment where employees can share in the successes that they help create.At TekWorks, each employee is encouraged to voice ideas and opinions on how to improve our company. From installation methods, to company procedures, employees can feel free to suggest new avenues, and paths of thought. TekWorks also offers comprehensive compensation packages for its employees, that can be tailored to the individual.

From fair rates of pay to exclusive benefit packages, TekWorks assures that each employee is well compensated for their efforts. TekWorks offers full health and dental coverage for its full time employees, as well as a wide array of perks and other benefits. Please understand, however, that many of the perks are not just given, they must be earned. TekWorks has very high expectations of its employees. We expect that they display the same commitment to quality work, and high levels of customer service that the company was founded upon. Similarly, we place very high expectations on ourselves, as employers. In short, TekWorks takes care of the employees that take care of TekWorks.

TekWorks would be pleased to receive your Application For Employment.

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