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TekWorks is constantly striving to create technology that improves the way we create, store, and distribute critical information. We also believe in sustaining the earth by reducing our use of printed documents.

  1. TekWorks performs a innovation for you.
  2. All documentation including CAD drawings, test results, schematics, notes and owners manuals are collected and stored in our electronic data base.
  3. TekWorks’ software prints a QR code label linking you to this database of information.
  4. A TekWorks’ team member installs the label in a pre-determined room, rack, cabinet, or vault making the documentation available at any time it’s needed.
  5. Personnel with access to the label can scan it with a smart phone. (Optional password protection is also available)
  6. Your IT database information comes up instantly on your portable device. You can then scroll through the information, giving you easy access to these important documents.
  7. When you rehire TekWorks to make changes to your IT system, we will automatically load these new changes into your database, making your database complete, up-to-date, and accurate.


TekWorks customers are given a username and password so they can log into their entire company tree of data / documentation. All Documents and QR stickers can be printed and saved from the tree giving you instant access to all of your As-Built documentation on an easy to access and navigate tree format. It is by far the smartest, earth friendly way to access all your company documentation.


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